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We are official GTA 4 Android app developer. As we start getting lots and lots of request for development of GTA 4 apk file. We are finally here with the game that we were been looking for long time. Now you can play GTA IV on your mobile platform you can take the game where ever you go and enjoy the mission of the game. We are Proud to announce Rockstars first every ultra HD graphics on your mobile phone.This can is now on both Android and Iphone. As this app is not fully developed yet, this can be downloaded as beta testing there might have some issue for some user so we request all user who are facing with any issues to contact us. Our technical support team are available to help you 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week. Please contact us by using the email located at our website or contact via Rock star games website. Downloading the beta file is free right now as we are open for beta testing as soon as beta testing is over we will upload this game on google play store which might cost you money to buy it. As we would like to request not to miss use this app and request us to remove verification as we don't want robots or bot trying to spam our site.