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Introduction and History of GTA 4 Android

gta 4 android
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Introduction and History of GTA 4 Apk Game

A person who loves adventure and actions in games, there comes another series in the GTA series. GTA 4 apk game is advanced by the famous Rockstar North and the publisher is none other than Rockstar Games. GTA 4 game got released on 2nd Dec 2008.GTA 4 game is the eleventh series in the Grand Theft Auto Series. Like all other series of Grand Theft Auto Series, this series has all adventures starting from robbing the bank, roaming freely and feeling like living in the real world.

About GTA 4 for Android

This game since its entry in 2004 is designed in an imaginary story in Liberty City based in New York City. This is a single player story in which a war veteran known as Niko Bellic tries to run away from his past life. This veteran has been running away from his past life in search of his dreams. The best part of this game is that the game is designed in such a way that the veteran freely roams in Liberty City with three main islands. GTA 4 for Android Game has been the next series and allows the player to live and feel like in the real world.

Unique Features of GTA 4 Android

GTA 4 Android is developed for the Play Station 3 and Xbox 360 and for windows options Microsoft is available. This game can be played with a single as well as multiple players of around 32 players engaging at a time. There is the option of online multiple players which is available with the game. As this is a fictional city, this game is designed using a larger area than most games launched earlier. This makes this game unique in nature as the players get the liberty to roam around and explore the first island while the other islands are unlocked. By crossing each level and with the progress of the story the player can unlock the rest of the islands and roam more freely in all these islands. This game also gives liberty to the player to not only roam freely but also to target the enemy of his choice and doing all assassinations and bank robberies depending on the imaginations and love for more and more adventures. This game also allows the player to choose the weapon of his choice and roam freely doing all the actions and adventures.

Clean Code

GTA 4 Android Apk is unique in nature and different from other series in a way that it has a feature which is the browsable and fictional internet. The players in this game have liberty and option of browsing a substantial fictional internet through the computers at safe houses or [email protected] Internet Cafes. This option and feature include parodies of YouTube, MySpace, dating sites and news sites.

Easy To Customize

GTA 4 Game is unique in nature in terms of soundtracks and music used in the game. The uniqueness can be imagined with the fact that the soundtrack in the game can listen through radio stations and the player is still inside a vehicle.

Multiplayer Option in GTA 4 Game

GTA 4 mobile is developed for the Play Station 3 and Xbox 360 and for Microsoft Windows. Play Station 3 and Xbox 360 have the option of having online multiplayer in the GTA 4 Game. The unique feature of this game is that the option of multiplayer can be accessed from the mobile of the player using in single-player.

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There is also the option of creating a multiplayer character in GTA 4 Android. For this multiplayer character, the player can choose different accessories and clothing. To unlock this additional clothing and accessories, the player must keep on increasing his rank in the game and the additional options keep on getting unlocked with each progress. There are in total 14 game type which can be chosen and selected by the player while in the multiplayer mode. The maximum number of players in this game can be 16.

Type of Weapons Used in GTA 4 Game

One of the unique features of Grand Theft Auto Series is the use of weapons in the game. The series has been famous for using a variety of weapons starting from Ak47’ to an RPG which is used and selected by the player depending on his choice and preference of the weapon. GTA 4 game has following weapons used in it:


Fists- the player is free to disarm, counterattack, kick and punch the opponents on the ground. The player is also free to either of his fist and utilizes uppercuts and jabs.


Knife- the use of a knife in this online game is faster to work alongside a pistol to counter with a higher speed. Pump shotgun, Combat shotgun, Pistol, Combat Pistol, Grenade, Micro SMG, SMG, Assault Rifle, Carbine Rifle, Sniper, Combat Sniper, RPG. The player gets happy and starts feeling adventurous with this variety of weapons available in the game.

gta 4 apk

Sales and Popularity of GTA 4 Apk

Grand Theft Auto 4 Android has sold around 13 million copies worldwide in various platforms according to a financial report released by taking Two in February 2009. This was recorded as a record and making this game as one of the most popular video games of the seventh generation of video game lovers. If we believe one of the closing reports of this company, the game had closed in on the 20 million-units-sold mark by March 2011.

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